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Worry Doll Large Magent -Mother & Baby

Worry Doll Large Magent -Mother & Baby

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"Embrace the Heartwarming Tradition with Our Guatemalan Worry Doll LARGE MAGNET MOTHER AND BABY 12cm

This enchanting Guatemalan Worry Doll magnet, featuring a tender mother and baby, captures the essence of a heartfelt tradition. Handcrafted with care, this 12cm masterpiece is a symbol of care, comfort, and protection.

The legend tells us that the worry dolls of Guatemala possess a unique power to soothe your concerns. Share your worries with these endearing figures, and they will take on the responsibility of lifting your burdens. Place this beautiful magnet in your home as a reminder of the comforting embrace of the Guatemalan culture.

Allow the loving bond between a mother and child to grace your surroundings and bring an aura of peace and protection. With our Guatemalan Worry Doll LARGE MAGNET MOTHER AND BABY, let the age-old tradition of solace become a part of your everyday life."
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