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White Sage Smudge & Amethyst Crystal Gift Set

White Sage Smudge & Amethyst Crystal Gift Set

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Introducing the Smudge & Amethyst Crystal Gift Set! This set includes amethyst crystals, an amethyst bracelet, a white sage smudge stick, and a palo santo & selenite bundle. The perfect way to cleanse and protect your space, this set is perfect for anyone looking to improve their wellbeing. The amethyst crystals are known for their ability to calm and soothe, while the white sage smudge stick is perfect for clearing away negative energy. The palo santo & selenite bundle is perfect for bringing in positive energy, and the amethyst bracelet is a beautiful way to keep the crystals close to you.

 Set Incudes-8-9 cm White Sage Smudge Stick 

Amethyst Crystal Tower- 6-7cm

Raw Amethyst- 3-4cm

Amethyst Crystal Bracelet

Palo Santo & Selenite bundle-7-10cm

Delivery Time- 14-21 days

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