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A Wise Woman Once Said F*ck This S*it Gift Set

A Wise Woman Once Said F*ck This S*it Gift Set

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Embrace the liberating spirit of our "A Wise Woman Once Said F*ck This Shit & Lived Happily Ever After" Gift Set. This bold collection features:

1. **Rose Gold Tumbler:**
Empower your sips with the rebellious mantra, "A wise woman once said fuck this shit and lived happily ever after," etched on a chic rose gold tumbler—inspiring a carefree and content lifestyle.

2. **Rose Quartz Soap:**
Elevate your self-care routine with the gentle touch of our Rose Quartz soap, allowing you to wash away the stresses of the day.

3. **Goddess Nude Candle:**
Illuminate your space with the goddess-inspired nude candle, symbolizing strength, independence, and the pursuit of your own happily ever after.

4. **Rose Bath Bomb:**
Immerse yourself in a fragrant bath experience with the rose bath bomb, creating a soothing atmosphere that embraces joy and relaxation.

5. **2 x Shower Melts:**
Transform your shower into a spa-like haven with these aromatic shower melts, letting the invigorating scents transport you to a place of tranquility.

This empowering ensemble is beautifully presented in a white box, accompanied by a frosted bag—a perfect gift for those who appreciate the humor and wisdom in navigating life's journey with resilience and joy.

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