Chakra Perfume Oil THROAT CHAKRA

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Chakra Perfume Oil THROAT CHAKRA

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THROAT Chakra Perfumed Oil - 8ml Roll On

The Throat Chakra—This energy center is associated with your voice. It relates to your ability to speak your truth, express ideas clearly, truthfully, and gracefully, and become harmoniously attuned to both inner and outer vibrations. Our Throat Chakra Perfumed Oil is created to energize this chakra it is a fresh & minty blend of peppermint, spearmint, sweet basil with bergamot chamomile and cypress. It is a lovely fragrance that instantly clears the mind and allows free flow of thought.
The Seven Chakras Perfumes are listed below:
CROWN CHAKRA: For listening to the harmony of the spheres.
THIRD EYE CHAKRA: An aid to meditation, helps in releasing anxiety.
THROAT CHAKRA: Moving through fear of expression, anti-spasmodic and calming.
HEART CHAKRA: For soothing and gently sedating, helps calm, heal and protect.
SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA: Aids in mobilizing personal energy, tonifying and encouraging.
SACRAL CHAKRA: Refreshing, calming and uplifting, for loving one's body.
ROOT CHAKRA: A physical & emotional sedative that is warming, relaxing and protective.

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