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Chakra Perfume Oil CROWN CHAKRA

Chakra Perfume Oil CROWN CHAKRA

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Essential Oil include- Sandalwood, Cedar, Bergamot, Jasmine, Lavander, Neroli and Rose.

 The seven Chakras are listed below:

CROWN CHAKRA: For listening to the harmony of the spheres.
THIRD EYE CHAKRA: An aid to meditation, helps in releasing anxiety.
THROAT CHAKRA: Moving through fear of expression, anti-spasmodic and calming.
HEART CHAKRA: For soothing and gently sedating, helps calm, heal and protect.
SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA: Aids in mobilizin personal energy, tonifying and encouraging.
SACRAL CHAKRA: Refreshing, calming and uplifting, for loving one's body.
ROOT CHAKRA: A physical & emotional sedative that is warming, relaxing and protective.

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